“Yes, We Can” (2018)

Trampolín yes we canCountry of exchange: Chile, India, Korea, United States, Turkey, Poland.
Connection: through the ePals Global Learning Community (

  • Explore skills, games, activities and hobbies that we «can do».
  • Compare and contrast based on climate, geography, customs, etc. Students will discover similarities and celebrate differences.
Activity Details:

Using communication channels such as email, WhatsApp and Google Drive, teachers will help students share skills, games, activities and hobbies that they «can do», through photos of themselves.
On April 10th, teachers and students will discuss their skills, games, activities and hobbies during a Skype video conference.
Teachers and students will compare and contrast according to climate, geography, customs, etc. Students will discover similarities and celebrate differences.

Follow-up activity:

Students will write a journal entry about what they learned during our cultural exchange.

Learning Outcome:

The students will be able to:

  • Strengthen their intercultural, communicative, language and ICT competences.
  • Learn to appreciate, understand and respect pen pals’ cultures and acquire a global perception.

In the following links you can see the photos:

Yes We Can Proyect

Proyecto Internacional 7º básico (2017)

Chicken CazuelaUnder the guidance of Professor Ingrid Arriagada, the seventh grade students of the English class made an International Project in which they dedicated themselves to cooking.

This project is based on the vocabulary of «cooking and eating». To apply what has been learned by the students, «we ventured to the exchange between the professors: Liang Du and his class, from China; the Polish teacher Renata Pieprzak and two students from her group; and advanced English students of the 7th grade of the German Institute of Osorno, «explained Professor Ingrid Arriagada.

For example, through the Yahoo groups the students communicated for weeks, and exchanged information and ideas, loaded photos and PowerPoint presentations. Afterwards, each group of students met at home to produce a cooking video. With the help of mothers and / or domestic workers, they cooked and explained step by step what was being prepared in English.

In addition, each team created a PowerPoint presentation, in which they presented the foreign group and a typical recipe from that country.

In the following links you can see the videos of the 7th grade English students of the DSO:

Poster Project: Friendship – Día de la Convivencia Escolar (2016)

The assignment was to create a poster that represented the IB Student Profile Principled, which includes moral values, humanity, friendship, being a good person and treating others well.

To carry out this activity we partnered with a school in Kentucky, The Unites States. Candy Worley, the Spanish teacher at Berea Community High School made the posters with her students and then exchanged them with ours. The children used different techniques and conveyed the message.

You can revise the posters here:



Proyecto Internacional 8º básico (2018)

Provechosa visita de delegación de Turquía en el DSO